Sangihe Island and Minahasa Highland Tour

Tour Code: MH - NS 106 | Duration: 18 Days/17 Nights

Tour Description: Adventure and Ecotourism on North Sulawesi
Tour Highlights: Jungle Trekking, Underwater Volcano, Snorkeling, Ecotourism, History and Culture, Dolphin, Fishing, Endemic Species, Mount Awu, Mount Karangetang, Dugong, Bunaken Marine Park, Minahasa highland, Tangkoko Nature Reserve
Tour Area: Sangihe Island, Minahasa Highland, Tangkoko Nature Reserve and Bunaken Marine Park
Starting Point: Manado
Ending Point: Manado

Sangihe and Talaud Islands

This district consists of 77 islands, of which 56 islands are inhabited. The population is 335.000 people (2006). Most of the people are involved in agriculture, which include coconut, vanilla, nutmeg, clove and fishing. The islands are located north of the Sulawesi Peninsula and south of the Philippines the islands are divided into two main groups; Sangihe, consisting of the islands Sangir Besar, Siau, Tagulandang and Biaro; and Talaud consists of the  island of Karakelang, Salibabu, Kaburuan, Nanusa, Miangas plus many other small island. The capital of Sangihe Talaud is Tahuna; which is located on Sanger Besar. The airport located about 21 km from Tahuna is serviced by domestic airlines on an irregular basis

there are seaports in Tahuna, Siau, Tagulandang and Biau which are serviced by various ferries and local boats

Sangihe Talauda is reknowned for its magnificent white sandy beaches with amazing coral gardens as well as an underwater active volcano

The Cultural Ceremonies, Dances and folksongs from this group of island are many

The Most outstanding traditional ceremonies are:

Menahulending: A ceremony to expressing gratitude and pray for someone who renders a usefull service

Menulude: A Ceremony Thanks giving, which is celebrated annually at the end of January

Mangundang Banua (Mesundeng): Is a dedication ceremony for a new boat, house or garden

Sangihe Talaud is known for its beautiful dances such as :

Maane'e: A traditional fish catching in Intata Island, which always celebrate every once in a year on the month of May

Maharo Island

This beautiful tiny island, is located the eastern side of Siau Island. Justly proud of the beauty of its own, touring to this island is wonderful to observe Portuguese ruin fortress in the gentle sea breeze. Only a few minute by motorized outrigger canoe from Siau harbor

Mount Awu Crater Lake

Situated on Sanger Besar Island, mount Awu (1320 m) is still active and it last erupted on 12 August 1966. The Crater Lake is considerably beauty; dark green, light green and white colors are contrast. Climbing it inquire at the Volcanologist Office in Tahuna.

Nutmeg Platation In Siau

Blessed by fertile land, caused by volcanic ash of volcano Karangetang, some of village used their shifting land into nutmeg plantations. Indeed, most of grounds are covered by green and thick nutmeg trees, makes a breathtaking view of spice forest. Siau is an ideal place to enjoy nutmeg plantation.

Mahangetang Underwater Volcano
Lies 4 – 8 meters underwater, about 300 m only off the Island of Mahangetang, this underwater volcano showing magnificent underwater view of the crystal of boiling water under the sea. Located 18 miles away of Tahuna, it is easily reached by hiring a motorizes outrigger canoe from Tahuna harbor.

Sara Island
Heavily forested with lush verdant tropical vegetation, this tiny island bustled with the activity of Maleo birds, cockatoos, etc. It is surrounded by white sandy beaches and there is an extensive coral reef nearby. Take a motorized outrigger canoe from Lirung harbour (45 minutes) or from Melangguane Airport (60 minutes) to this splendor island.

Volcano Karangetang

Towering 1.800 m in Siau, this volcano is still active and it last erupted in 1974. Volcano Karangetang appears so scenically from the sea while entering Siau harbour.

Santago Mousoleum

Lying among towering coconut palms and flowery garden, overlooking a beautiful stretch of forested mountains and sea view, it is a King Santiago Mausoleum. He ruled Manganitu Kingdom from 1670 – 1677

Day 01: Airport - Manado - Tahuna

  1. Arrival at Sam Ratulangi International Airport
  2. Welcome Drink
  3. Meeting Service
  4. Full Payment
  5. Sightseeing around Manado City
  6. Transfer to Manado Harbour
  7. By Ship sailing to Sangihe, It take 6-7 Hours
  8. Overnight stay on the ship (L, D)

Day 02: Tahuna City - Tamako Village

  1. Early morning arrive in Tahuna, capital of Sangihe regency
  2. Drive along the coast and passing beautiful typical fisherman villages for two hours to Tamako
  3. Visit the King Palace, Is the old royal residence used during the period of the Tahuna Kingdoms, Manganitu and Tamako. Inside the building you can still see relics of the Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and Tagalog episodes
  4. The Old Church: This church is located in Manganitu, Sangihe Besar Island. It was built by Ernst Traugott Steller, a German missionary, in the last century. There is nothing left inside, however the building is still intact. There is a family gravesite on the property
  5. Check in at the hotel and you will enjoy yourself by swimming or snorkeling around the coral area nearby
  6. Dinner
  7. Overnight stay (B, L, D)

Day 03-04: Trekking to Mt. Sahengbalira & Mt. Sahendarumang

The Gunung Sahengbalira Protection Forest covers an area of 5,000 ha and is nominated as a nature reserve in Indonesia's National Conservation Plan. The site holds the last remaining area with reasonably extensive forest on Sangihe Island. Forests range from primary lowland tropical rainforest to sub-montane forests at the higher altitudes. The site is named after the highest peak in the area: the Gunung Sahengbalira (1015m)

  1. 5-6 hours trekking each day – for 2 days. Overnight at locals or homestay
  2. On day 4th, after trekking, a visit to a beautiful waterfall near Lelipang

Day 05: Snorkeling to Mahangetang Underwater Volcano 2 Hours Boat Trip (each way) from Tamako (Depends of how big the engines used)

Mahangetang Underwater Volcano:

Lies at 4-8 meters underwater, only about 300 m off the island of Mahangetang, this underwater volcano offers a magnificent view of water boiling under the sea

  1. Breakfast
  2. By a local motorized small boat, sail to Mahangetang island
  3. Arrive on the Island
  4. We will pay a visit to the “OPO LAO” village head for permission
  5. Enjoy yourself on the crystal clear water, hot water and beautiful coral of the Mahangetang

Mahangetang Islands Area

Underwater volcano, Schools of fish everywhere, Magnificent corals, See shape of volcano, Bubbles and hot water from volcano, Parrot, scorpion, fish, sharks, jack

  1. Lunch will be serve on Beach
  2. We’ll take time to explore this small fisherman village
  3. Late in the afternoon return to Tamako for overnight (B, L, D)

Day 06: Tamako – Lapango – Manganitu – Tahuna

  1. Breakfast
  2. Check out, then we drive you to Lapango (old gold mining complex)
  3. Driving along the coastal roads and villages then to Manganitu village
  4. Lunch enroute
  5. A short trek to the nearby waterfall called Laine at Manganitu village
  6. Arrive in Tahuna, stay overnight at local people house

Day 07: Climb to Mount Awu Crater (whole day activity)

  1. Situated on Sanger Besar Island, Mt. Awu (1320 m) is still active and it last erupted on 12 August 1966. The Crater Lake is considerably beauty; dark green, light green and white colors are contrast and here we need to report to the Volcanologist Office in Tahuna before climbing
  2. In the afternoon driving down to Enemawira
  3. Stay overnight at the locals

Day 08: Dugong and Snorkeling Trip

  1. A whole day boat trip for swimming, snorkeling, fishing, dolphin and to search the famous Dugong Fish around on the satellite islands of Tahuna
  2. Spend your time also on the beautiful beach of Pananualeng
  3. Overnight at locals at Enemawira village. (Beach farewell party)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Dugong is very hard to find, it depends on its food (sea grass) and some Islands of Tahuna are surrounded by sea grass. People and crab are the predators of these mammals. Dugong (Dugong dugon) is commonly called sea cow. Dugongs are 3 meters long and rotund as blimps, often weighting 400 kg. They have a pig like head with enormous upper lips used for grasping sea grass. Like elephants, they are vegetarians. Like all mammals, they must breathe air and rarely submerge for more than 8 minutes. Dugongs may live for more than 70 years.

Day 09: Enemawira – Tahuna – Manado

  1. Leaving Enemawira to Tahuna
  2. Touring around Tahuna to Kolongan Beach, snorkeling at the harbor site (There is no boat provided)
  3. Late in the afternoon, return to Manado by evening ferry
  4. On the way, enjoy the spectacular plume of Mt. Karangetang with its larva activity

Day 10: Arrive in Manado – Ilo-Ilo jungle trekking

  1. Early in the morning arrive in Manado
  2. Go direct to Ilo-Ilo
  3. Jungle trekking it takes 5-6 hours
  4. Set up the tent
  5. Overnight stay at the tent

Day 11: Ilo-Ilo – Waterfall – Tomohon

  1. Wake up early morning and enjoy the spectacular sunrise and view of Manado Bay and Bunaken Marine Park from the top
  2. Stop at Citra Land to see the great Jesus Statue the second biggest in the world
  3. Going down direct to Kali waterfall
  4. Visit papaya wine home industry at Lota
  5. Tinoor waterfall adventure
  6. Lunch box are provided
  7. Check in at Onong Palace Resort
  8. Dinner
  9. Overnight stay

Day 12: Minahasa Highland

  1. Early morning trekking Mountain Mahawu 1311m above sea level to see spectacular sunrise
  2. We will see the Pitcher Plan Flower/Carnivore Orchid on the top
  3. Visit Local Market at Tomohon where Rats, Dogs, Snakes, Bats are sold as a food
  4. Back to Onong Palace Resort
  5. Breakfast
  6. Visit Bukit Kasih
  7. Natural Hotspring in Toraget Village surrounding by the rice field and mountain
  8. Back to Onong Resort
  9. Dinner
  10. Overnight stay

Day 13: Minahasa Highland

  1. Breakfast
  2. Visit Pagoda
  3. Visit Minahasa Modural House Production
  4. Sightseeing at Kayawu Village
  5. Kaaten Coconut wood industry
  6. Lake Tondano
  7. Lunch at the site of Lake Tondano
  8. Pulutan Traditional Ceramics home Industry
  9. Visit Fofu Production
  10. Back to Onong Resort
  11. Dinner
  12. Overnight stay

Day 14: Minahasa Highland (Jungle Trekking)

  1. Breakfast
  2. Go direct to Mt. Tampusu at Tondano Area for jungle trekking, it takes 5-6 hours
  3. Lunch will be serve enroute
  4. Linow Lake (Sulfur Lake)
  5. Back to Onong Palace Resort
  6. Dinner
  7. Overnight stay

Day 15: Minahasa Highland - Tangkoko Nature Reserve

  1. Breakfast
  2. Visit Waruga The Ancientstone grave of Minahasa Ancestors from 15th century at Airmadidi
  3. Lunch will be serve enroute
  4. Visit Palm Wine production
  5. Go direct to Batu Putih Village
  6. Check in at Resort near a park
  7. Dinner
  8. Overnight stay

Day 16: Tangkoko Nature Reserve - Manado - Bunaken Marine Park

  1. Early morning jungle trekking to see some Sulawesi Endemic animal such as Macacanigra, Hornbill, Butterflies, the smallest primates in the world Tarsius Spectrum and other rain forest life
  2. Return to Accomodation
  3. Breakfast
  4. Transfer to Manado
  5. Go direct to Bunaken Marine Park with private boat
  6. Check in at the Resort
  7. Snorkeling in front of the resort
  8. Dinner
  9. Overnight stay

Day 17: Bunaken Marine Park - Manado

  1. Early morning after having breakfast we make Dolphins Tour, here you have possibility to see a couple hundreds of dophins even if you are lucky you may swim with them in the blue ocean
  2. Snorkeling, Swimming, Sunbathing on Siladen Island
  3. Lunch will be serve on Siladen Island
  4. Go Direct to Manado
  5. Check in at Minahasa Hotel
  6. Farewell Dinner
  7. Tour Evaluation
  8. Overnight stay

Day 18: Manado - Airport

  1. Breakfast
  2. Leisure time until transfer to airport
  3. Transfer to airport for your next destination
  4. End of our services

Price includes:

  1. English Speaking Guide
  2. Private car, boat during your tour package
  3. Ship ticket ManadoSangihe - Manado
  4. Extra Local Transport
  5. Permit + Conservation Fee for the Parks
  6. Accommodation based on 2 people sharing a room
  7. Full board (3 meals/day), mineral water, Tropical fresh fruit
  8. 10% Government tax and service

Price Excluding:

  1. Personal expenses
  2. Alcoholic beverages, Juice, Soft drinks
  3. Personal Insurance
  4. Donation
  5. Tips for Guide or Driver
  6. Phone calls
  7. Laundry
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